Learn Circuitry (hardware) and Programming (software) together.
Kids can learn circuitry without understanding the complex theories behind electronics to start building their own robot. Explaining components and wiring can be done easily using diagrams and metaphors. They will also learn about common components for simple robots such as batteries, resistors, LEDs, transistors, current (voltage), loops and much more! Programming an Arduino is as easy as it sounds. All we need to do is download the Arduino software, plug it into a computer, and write a few lines of code. The code is what determines the effects of the robot. For example, controlling the frequency of a blinking LED light or how fast a motor spins. Kids will learn how to set-up a robot, control it and compile code themselves.
*All membership fee is for 1 year , need to renew in every year to continue the membership. In Silver and Gold Lab school or college need to give only the space all other expenses will be handled by smart e3. In Platinum type 50% of the expense should be handled by school the other 50% will be handled by smart e3.
Features Silver Gold Platinum
Beginner ₹500 ₹800 ₹1400
Intermediate ₹600 ₹900 ₹2100
Advance ₹700 ₹1000 ₹2800
For each student who participate in the class, we pay 50rs to the school. That is student who participate in all 7 class will pay 350rs to the school.
Features Silver Gold Platinum
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